Through a mutual friend Steve met Jeanie Cunningham composer – singer – songwriter and daughter of a Vietnam vet who turned out to be the perfect fit to compose the Take Me Home Huey® song.

The powerful song reflects on a soldiers life during the Vietnam War and what it was like for families back home.  It is incorporated into the Take Me Home Huey® film.


Jeanie Cunningham is an American performer, composer and songwriter. She has toured with Lionel Richie, David Crosby and worked closely with Ike and Tina Turner. Jeanie was anonymously responsible for a number of musical wakeup broadcasts to Space Shuttle astronauts from NASA’s mission control during the late 1980s and early ’90s, which earned her the nickname, “The Most Flown Unknown”.

In 2002, Cunningham was commissioned to write, record and perform a tribute song from the country Aruba to the United States in commemoration of 9/11. The song, “We Will Remember” has since been used to commemorate memorials for Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Pearl Harbor Day as well as for 9/11, making it a 21st-century anthem.

Teaming up with The Steinway Society of Riverside County, Jeanie designed and developed a program to introduce the Ukulele to underprivileged children in the Coachella Valley.  The “Ukes In Schools” program has proven to be extremely successful and continues to expand while receiving widespread accolades from the communities benefiting from this approach to music education.

Jeanie also has a passion for helicopters, having logged many hours in Schweizer 269C, Hughes 300 and Bell Jet Ranger 206b as pilot.

When artist Steve Maloney approached her to compose and produce the song, Jeanie jumped at the chance to not only pay homage to those soldiers who bravely fought in Vietnam but also give tribute to her father.

Jeanie’s father, Lt. Col. R.L. Cunningham was an officer for the Marine Corps and had served in WWII, Korea and two tours in Vietnam. Jeanie vividly remembers not only her father’s deployment, but her family’s constant worry that he would return safely.

Jeanie has participated on numerous Take Me Home Huey events performing the song. She also spoke out as an advocate for veteran families, emphasizing when a veteran returns home with post-traumatic stress the entire family is affected.

More information on Jeanie Cunningham’s musical career and life can be found on her Wikipedia page.