Steve Maloney

“This is the proudest thing I’ve ever done”

Take Me Home Huey is Steve’s first memorial artwork. It is the culmination of his career as a professional artist as well as his experience as a student, businessman and member of the Army National Guard during the Vietnam War. From 1963 to 1969, Steve served in the 156th Signal Battalion, headquartered in Michigan.

Steve Maloney

Artist statement

“The Take Me Home Huey project was very personal to me as I did my basic training for the Michigan Army National Guard with many who were eventually deployed to Vietnam. Veterans of all branches of the military have my respect and gratitude.
Seeing how my contemporaries were struggling with the reception after their service and their ongoing mental health challenges due to PTS made me feel compelled to do something meaningful for them.

My art style is generally influenced by pop art, colorful and very inspirational. The Take Me Home Huey project was different – it was serious, and I took a lot of time to research and carefully choose my conceptional designs.

I am very humbled by the positive feedback and reactions.
Take Me Home Huey is a multimedia healing arts project – from which – many Veterans can draw inspiration for healing their wounds of war. It IS NOT a miracle cure, but IT IS a universal key that works uniquely on the eye of the beholder!

Each of the components: the sculpture, film, song, and now a book, are a significant part of making the Take Me Home Huey project a success. All of them are unique, organically threaded together, and working in concert to make a powerful creative art project for healing the soul.

I am honored to genuinely say Take Me Home Huey is the Proudest Thing I Have Done!

Thank you, and don’t forget to thank a veteran for their service.”

– Steve Maloney

about the artist

Steve Maloney is a contemporary artist whose compositions reflect his fascination with velocity, American icons, machine forms, the humor of life itself and, most significantly, pop culture. Working with “found objects” defines his unique style.

For his artworks Steve used parts from crashed NASCAR racing vehicles, TSA confiscated items from air travelers and even discarded helicopter aircrafts, which have been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout the U.S., and featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Headline News, Time magazine, and PBS television.